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Motorola V323 USB Issues

Last Updated: 1/24/10

Download Windows XP Driver for Motorola V323 (Windows XP SP2 Compatible):
Click Here

The driver should work on other similar model phones too (V325, etc...)

If you have already install Motorola Phone Tools 4.0 and are having problems with your phone

To solve connection problems with you V323 phone:
1. Connect your phone to your computer.
2a. Delete your phone from device manager (Modems > Motorola USB Modem)
2b. Unplug your phone from the computer.
3. Run 'DriverTool.exe' (Probably located in C:\Program Files\Motorola Phone Tools\Inf\DriverTool.exe)
4. Open 'Motorola_Driver_Log.txt' located in C:\Documents and Settings\(username)
5. Delete the three oemXX.inf files mentioned near the bottom of the file. They will be located in C:\Windows\Inf
6. Extract the driver downloaded from here to a folder (Example: 'C:\V323_Driver' )
7. Plug in your phone. Choose 'Advnaced' on the New Hardware Setup Wizard. Point the wizard to the location you extracted your driver to earlier (C:\V323_Driver)
8. When it finished your phone should be setup well. Restarting the computer may be a good idea.

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