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Please Wait - After Windows XP Repair Install

Last Updated: 2/20/10

If you perform a Repair install of Windows XP onto a computer that had Internet Explorer 8 (aka IE8) and after the repair completes you get stuck at the "Please Wait" screen right before setup finishes. Than you found the right article.

I ran into this issue when using a Windows XP SP3 install disk to repair a computer that had IE8 installed. After getting to the "Please Wait" screen I did a hard reset and then booted into safe mode with networking. Then I downloaded IE8 and reinstalled it. Then I rebooted and everything was good.

You should be aware that Javascript did not appear to work, so downloaded IE8 was challenging. I had to click all the links that said, "If your page/downloaded didn't work click here". It might had been easier if I had another browser like Firefox or if I had IE8 on a flash drive.

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